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1012922008.07.08chuniokPage#133~144: An Interpretation of Voiceless Sonorants in Sinitic and Tai.pdf
912232008.07.08chuniokPage#123~132: 從現代文明角度看台灣的標音文字.pdf
810672008.07.08chuniokPage#77~122:On Defining Rime Categories and Rime Groups in Taiwanese Hokkien.pdf
711672008.07.08chuniokPage#53~76: Construction and Hierarchy of Syllable Features in Monosyllabic Tone
611472008.07.08chuniokPage#31~52: Graphic Localism and Its Effects on Visual Communication with Specic
510952008.07.08chuniokPage#17~The Status of Suprasegmentals and Other Syllabic Accessories in Taiwanes
410552008.07.08chuniokPage#9~16: The Written Script and Impact of Modernization - The Romanization o
312192008.07.08chuniokPage#1~8: Clear, Muddy, Tongue Root, and Syllable Register.pdf

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