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標題∕AAR & SBL 2017 Panel A20-336 by IJAC     編號∕442     公布時間∕Sat Nov 25 10:42:44 2017
AAR & SBL Boston Annual Meeting November 18-21, 2017
Panel A20-336: Identities in Crisis: Cases of Christianities across Asia. By IJAC(International Journal of Asian Christianity

AAR0 IntroductionR

AAR1 Dalit Christian Reservations: ALive Debate with Coonial Moorings

AAR2 Middle Eastern Christian Identiry - Ethnic Instead of Ecclwsiastical: A Shift in Perspective

AAR3 Hybrid Identity in Peril: Christian Community and Political Islam in Indonesia

AAR4 Christianity and Ethnicity in Soviet and Post Soviet Central Asia:

AAR5 Christian Bewilderment of Identity Struggling in East Asia — A Taiwanese Perspective


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